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To create worthwhile technology, no matter how small
To make individual happiness the source of corporate growth
To bring prosperity for all who cooperate and the local community
To be a corporate group imbued with gratitude and trust

 As more and more electrical appliances found their way into homes, price reductions, compactness and lightness became key issues requiring advances in technology and a revolution in manufacturing processes.Here YAC Garter's Embossed Carrier Tape played a major role.
 YAC Garter was the first to succeed in Japan in the mass production of embossed carrier tape - tape housing electronic components in pockets on the tape surface - the culmination of a pioneering idea to improve efficiency in the mounting of miniaturized electronic components to substrates.
 Tape widths of 8, 12, 24, 32, 44 and 56 millimeters satisfy JIS standards and, what is more, in consideration of ISO-14001, we have cutback on the use of packing materials for general electrical component and IC conductive tapes.Our extensive lineup of embossed carrier tapes also includes a two-millimeter pitch product to further enhance production.

 The majority of the machines we use we have made with our own hands - we manufacture carrier tapes whilst also developing and retailing taping machines (the machines that encapsulate electronic components onto tape).
 Many look forward to seeing taping machines - generated from a fusion of precision-movement mechanical components and the latest electric control technology - being harnessed to other numerous application areas beyond that of electronic components.
 Further, with the technology revolution and switch to surface mount devices (SMD) taking place among overseas manufacturers, there is an even greater need for Japan to boost the level of efficiency and tempo for overseas markets - we at YAC Garter will continue to answer this need with our robust powers of creativity and technical resourcefulness.


 The "technological and development prowess" nurtured in our knitting machine era and the "overall skills" to deal totally with challenges developed in the taping machine element of our carrier tape business and the backup provided by our zestful "developer spirit" stand as the three assets that are motivating us at YAC Garter to set our sights on yet another new pillar of business - one in which we will make the impossible possible by undertaking the development of original products to flexibly match the changes in the industry we serve.

 The key to whether or not a firm is ahead of the pack in the business climate of today rests with whether or not it is swiftly and perceptively attuned to the various needs of the market.And to lead the pack an overseas network is essential.A notable locale of economic importance is Southeast Asia.And we at YAC Garter realized this early on and set about establishing a place of business in the Philippines in 1990 with plants following in Taiwan, South Korea, China, Europe and America to further widen our network.

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