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ŽèD‹@   The company was founded in 1944 as a manufacturer of hand knitting machines. And the inaugural president Motoyoshi Suzuki devised the world's first knitting machine. This epoch-making technology was acclaimed worldwide with the 20th Tokyo City Excellent Invention Award (Tokyo Yushu Hatsumei Ten), the Tokyo City Governor Award and the British Blue Ribbon Award as well as being approved for patents in the USA, Switzerland, Germany and France.

@ŽèD‹@The mid seventies saw the gradual decline in demand for knitting machines, which was a dilemma for the company, but the "developer spirit" of the company never capitulated to this situation, and it was none other than the "technological and development prowess" we had nurtured and forged over the years since founding that saw us through.

@Then in 1979 by chance some small work came our way from the electronics industry - an industry that we had had absolutely no involvement with up to that date. Before long this work was to lead to a global-level demand and bring the name of YAC Garter to the attention of the entire electronics industry - the work in question: carrier tape. This tape is used to effectively mount small electronic components to substrates. Here too the inventor's spirit and technological and development prowess came into their own and YAC Garter cleared the manufacturer requirements in approximately three weeks. Of course, at first, monthly orders were just for ten reels or so, but with the miniaturization of electrical products, that demand rocketed, and YAC Garter's carrier tape took the world by storm.

@Following this we developed business to include the production and retail of taping machines, which mount the electronic components onto the manufactured tape. And what surely stands as the greatest forte of YAC Garter is the fact that we only used our own technologies to develop both the carrier tapes and the taping machines.

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